Kata Digital is a fast-growing mobile brand based in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

We specialize in innovative mobile technology to produce high-end mobile devices with exceptional style and design.

With our innovative and customer-oriented philosophy, Kata Mobile is persistently distributing top of the notch smart phones and mobile computing devices that will address and satisfy every customers’ specific needs.

We, as mobile specialists, provide a full suite of end-to-end services across a multitude of industries and markets.


Customer Focus - We meet our customers' expectations with professionals and superior products, customer service, and industry knowledge.

Entrepreneurial Spirit - We act like owners: taking the initiative, encouraging innovations, setting challenging goals, and pursuing new ideas.

Employee Partnership - We attract and retain talented, highly successful employee-partners by providing them the opportunities to develop skills, experience success and enjoy the rewards that follow.

Integrity - We are committed to honesty and fairness.

Teamwork - We rely on teamwork to multiply our success by sharing information, operational support and accomplishments among business units and regions.

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